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Zblocker’s ensures that your browsing experience is smooth, efficient and fast. It helps get rid of the annoyances.

All this while working in the background causing no interruption to your browsing experience!.

Zblocker’s stops popup web ads from getting in your way. Zblocker is fully configurable, allowing you to specify which popups will be stopped automatically.

It's simple to use, and stops popups while staying hidden in the system tray..

Zblocker’s for iOS is a free content blocker for Safari available in the App Store. It has over 50 filters to choose from to block ads and trackers in Safari browser and provides you with extra perks like manual blocking tool to hide any element on the page.

Awesome  Features of Zblocker


Apps setup

Getting Started with Zblocker in Safari

Zblocker is an iOS application for the Safari browser that speeds up your browsing by blocking ads.

Zblocker starts working as soon as you install it. Here, you’ll learn how to install Zblocker on your iPhone and ipad.

Enabling Zblocker

Steps to be followed for enabling Zblocker

• Open Settings in iPhone or iPad

• Tab Safari, then select Content Blockers

• Enable Zblocker

How to enable the Zblocker

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